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Violate My Hole

Hi there and welcome back! Today we have another amazing gay scene for you and I’m sure you’ll get hard and wet on this one, too. This hunk will fuck his man on camera, so we are about to entertain you with some awesome scene from your favorite Maverick. Let’s grab a seta and let’s see what this man did to his buddy. I thick that was nothing gentle. as you might observe, so if you are in that kind of love, hit the button and watch the entire video.

This man is a cock lover for a long time. He licks it a little rough and will go for a hardcore one at any time at the day. And because he likes it rough, he also fucks rough. So he will grab his new buddy and will shove his cock deep into his hole right after he took his buddy’s cock between his lips. He sucked on that cock eagerly, then he bended the stud and fuck his ass hard and fast. I’m sure you don’t want to miss the great finale. That includes a lot of fresh warm cum liked from some hairy asses of hairy bellies. Enjoy!


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Teen Fan Fuck

Hello there. Hunter and Cole are back and they just found their new partner: is a horny teen fan who dreamed about a fuck between him and our two porn stars from the first time they saw them fucking. Here Cole will fuck their fan in his hardcore specific way and you will enjoy the entire episode in a couple of moments from some front row seats. Get ready to get horny and wet once again.

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MaverickMen – Stick It In

Hi there and welcome! Maverickmen is back and they are having for us this fresh scene that will give you once again a boner and some wet dreams. Hunter and Cole found this new dude who offered his hole to him, so that you will enjoy them in action once again. I’m sure that you all are dreaming of experiencing a gay fuck with those two, but until that you should enjoy their experiences every week.

You already know that your favorite gay couple is experiencing every week a great fucking session with some new guys. This week they did a great job with this one as he is having some amazing blowing skills. He will suck on Hunter’s cock like there’s no tomorrow, then he will hop on top of his cock, riding it eagerly. His butthole was stretched to maximum by Hunter’s thick cock. Watch them taking each other’s jizz in the end and eating that healthy cum once it touched their tongue. Cum back next time for fresh content! The two will have a fresh experience to share and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to miss that one.


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Maverick Men – Pumper #2

Hello there, my dear friends and welcome back! Who wants to enjoy the fresh scene Hunter and Cole brought to us? I’m sure all of you want since you are here. So let’s not waste anymore time and let’s see what the horny couple did this time. Well, they picked up a ginger one and sucked on his hard big cock, of course. They just taste that fresh cock and now they will make sure you all are enjoying it.

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Kinky Fuck

This is a great day and it is about to get better. Hunter and Cole brought us this amazing scene and you are about to enjoy it from the very beginning till the end in a couple of moments. These two jocks will keep you company tonight and I’m sure you will enjoy watching them stretching their holes on camera for you. Hunter and Cole engaged in another amazing fuck with this new guy and you are going to watch their whole experience in a couple of moments.

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MaverickMen – Gushing

Hi there,everyone and welcome back! Maverickmen is here, as always, to entertain you and to make your evening better. They brought this new experience they enjoyed today with this horny dude who got his assholes stuffed by both, Hunter and Cole. He was pretty eager to taste their cocks, so you will see him sucking on both cocks, licking their balls, then offering his butthole for stuffing. Trust me, this sex session will give you a painful boner as they seem hotter than ever here.


Hunter will take this dude pretty rough. We already know that he is a true man and you won’t see too much tenderness to him. He likes to do everything hard and rough and that is the most hottest part about him. He will shove his cock into his new buddies fast and all at once, then he will go hard on them. Well, in my opinion, that is how things should work. So this time he shoved his cock into that tight hole and stretched it to maximum, showing no mercy for it. Cum inside and enjoy him in action. Also, chick here and see a hot threesome where Hunter got his face fucked.

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Doing Danny

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So the fresh man is one of their fans. He contact them and told that he wants to taste a little their cock and will do it even if he has to go on camera. Well, our guys were happy to hear that and contact him and gave him the details after watching his pictures. He is also a model and as you can see a handsome one. Any men would be very lucky to receive some attention from his talented mouth. So he literally dropped on his knees and wrapped those juicy lips around Hunter’s hard cock from the moment they walked that room. Watch him getting his mouth loaded and having his ass raped. Enjoy!


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Cole and Hunter

Hi there everyone! As it’s about time to enjoy this fresh maverick men scene, tonight we will show you how Cole does his job when it comes to fucking. He likes to treat his buddies like they are some dirty beaches and do not deserve more than a rough penetration. Hunter is the one who is filming this time, while his hubby is fucking that young man.

As I said, Cole prefers is tight and hard and will only fuck the men who are willing to be abused by his cock. Like this one, for example, who got his but violated and his throat gagged as Cole picked him for this new scene. After Cole shoved his cock into his mouth, going balls deep inside and fucking his throat, Cole hoped on top of him and fucked his from behind hard and fast, gripping his hair and getting that ass raped, just for your viewing delight. After all that rough penetration, Cole will also have his butt fucked, but not that hard this time, and for the great finale you will enjoy a great rain of cum over each one. Cum inside and enjoy the entire episode.


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MaverickMen – Banging In The Bayou

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Everything happens in a hotel room where these three are enjoying a rainy afternoon. They were suppose to do everything outdoor, but because of the rainy day, they stayed into that hotel room. Even better, because here they can do some things they couldn’t outdoor. No more chit-chat, watch them starting with a nice blowing session. After that new guy sucked their cock, Hunter went down and licked his butthole eagerly. We all know how much this dude lives the taste of fresh ass on his tongue. Everything what came after was truly amazing, so just cum inside and enjoy them. Also, check here horny Hunter tasting a fat cock and a hairy hole.

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